Journal: Make It Work at ECCC

Emerald City Comicon is going to be another lesson in making it work with what I have. It’s something I’m getting better at accepting, but I still think about what it could have been if I’d been able to do all I had planned. I designed a new display setup more ideal for my Artist Alley table (D-13!), but did not have the time to buy it and build it. I had the beginnings of three new fandom jewelry lines in the works, but they are still stuck on the drawing table. I won’t even have some of my best sellers out because the supplies to make them won’t arrive in time. All I can do is do my best of what I can. That’s what I have to keep telling myself. It’s the only way I can try to let what could have been go and accept what is. That, and trying again next year. As Tim Gunn wisely says, “Make it work.”

–Amy 🙂

P.S. – Sorry I missed writing yesterday. I was too stressed out to be able to focus enough to write (or do much of anything else). I think watching The Walking Dead on Netflix while trying to prep for ECCC may not have been the best idea, since my heart was trying to pound out of my chest (but it’s so good!). This week may be a little hit or miss, but I should be back on track next week. 🙂

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