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If you answered yes, then awesome! You already get handy Monday morning emails from with the posts from the previous week. If you answered no, then let me point you to right side of this page where you’ll find an empty email box and a purple “Subscribe” button.

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  • It’s convenient! Instead of coming here every weekday to read what’s new, you’ll get a handy email at 5am every Monday morning with all of the posts from the previous week. It’ll save you time and energy (and we all could use more of both!).
  • You’ll never miss a post! If you primarily follow on social media, especially Facebook, you know how easy it is to miss posts/tweets/etc. due to the funky algorithms and fast-paced formats of social media sites. When we’re out sick it’s even harder to keep up. Email makes it easy to stay connected and current!
  • Become part of the Fibropreneur community! This email list is the first step in growing from a one-woman blog into a supportive community of entrepreneurs that understand what you go through every day. Help me make it happen!

Whether you’re reading here each day or from your inbox, thank you so much! It means the world to me to know that I’m not alone in this, and I hope this blog means the same for you.

–Amy 🙂


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