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LuvCherie Jewelry packing up orders.

I’ve been working on trying to increase the percentage of customers who leave a review on Etsy after ordering from my shop. Several months ago I started putting a request for a review in the hand-written note that I write for each order I ship. I haven’t calculated the percentage increase, but it has definitely been helping. It’s likely that Etsy’s recent addition of a product review reminder email has also been helping. Either way, I’ve been getting more reviews. Right now about 25% of my customers return to leave a review. I’d like to get that up to at least 50%, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. I should probably take a quick look around Etsy one of these days and see what the average is for other shops. I want to increase my number of reviews for four reasons:

  1. Good reviews increase new customer trust and confidence, which increases sales as a result.
  2. Bad reviews tell me exactly what I need to work on to improve customer happiness, which will increase sales in the long run after the problem is resolved.
  3. In leaving a review my customer is just one click away from my store, which would hopefully encourage repeat customers and increase sales.
  4. There’s no better motivator on a tough day and no better mood booster on a bad day than a good review, which increases sales by getting more work done!

I’m especially proud of the reviews that have come in this week so far:

Very nice. Quick shipping. Very nicely packaged in tiny gift box with adorable fabric bow. –djulianben

When I saw these earrings I knew I had to have them as they were exactly what I was looking for and so Amy very kindly put this custom order together for me. Amy is a brilliant seller and kept in contact with me all the time regarding the order. The earrings arrived very quickly (coming from America to England) and were well packaged in a lovely little gift box. I wore them the other day and couldn’t help showing them off whenever I got the chance. Thank you very much for everything :o) –Ashley

The seller is amazing. Dispatched the item really quickly. Kept a cheerful and honest conversation in her messages. The product itself is really nice. The craftsmanship is good as well as the materials used. My girlfriend is a Supernatural fan and she loved the necklace. Great seller and product. Can’t recommend enough =) –Sandro

–Amy 🙂

What percentage of your customers/clients leave reviews? What’s the best review or comment you’ve ever received from a customer/client? Share in the comments or send me an email.


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