Journal: Building a Business is Like Climbing Mount Everest

Trying to build a small business is hard. Like climbing Mount Everest hard. Trying to build a small business when you have a chronic illness is like climbing Mount Everest with your legs tied together so that you have to hop the whole way. I’m seriously not kidding.

I can’t push through to get the work done like “healthy” entrepreneurs without serious consequences. That means no all-nighters, no working extra long hours, no skipping days off/breaks/working through meals, no working while I’m sick, etc. Pushing through can mean I’m out sick for multiple days, so I always have to weigh the gains versus the consequences. I’ve learned that most of the time the consequences aren’t worth it because of the work time lost.

So instead I sit back and watch the “healthy” entrepreneurs around me push through and grow their businesses in leaps and bounds. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for them. They deserve the successes they have earned. It’s just hard being a snail. A snail trying to climb a mountain.

— Amy 🙂


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