Journal: What’s On My List Today?

It’s almost noon and I’ve just now finished making my to-do list for today. Some days I wake up with something I want to do in my head. I jump out of bed and dig right in, instead of starting my day making my to-do list. Today was one of those days (see #18 below).

It seems like every few months I make a new attempt at trimming my to-do list as much as possible in order to keep the stress and overwhelm to a minimum. This time I created a new critical to-do list that includes only the absolutely-must-do tasks. It includes my daily health tasks, my top 3 critical life to-dos, my top 3 critical work to-dos, and my school to-dos (if I’m in school). On occasion I have a couple extras on the list that don’t make the top 3 cut, but are the next most important (I’m already breaking the rules of this list. Oh, well!). So, what’s on my list today?

  1. Take all meds – morning, breakfast, dinner, bedtime (daily health task)
  2. Drink all fluids – carrot juice, water, broth, tea (daily health task)
  3. Stretch (daily health task)
  4. Walk Joxer with hubby – afternoon (daily health task)
  5. Make beds & open blinds (daily health task)
  6. Eat energy snacks – morning & afternoon (daily health task)
  7. Shower & go to massage therapy appointment (daily health task & life to-do)
  8. Find out if surgeon accepts my insurance (life to-do)
  9. Write Fibropreneur post (biz to-do)
  10. Complete half the remaining assignments/reading for Music Theory (school to-do)
  11. Do group assignment for Intro to Communication (school to-do)
  12. Make/shoot/edit/list new donut jewelry in store for National Donut Day if time, else renew oldest item (biz to-do)
  13. Market new jewelry or renewed item (biz to-do)
  14. Clean washer and dryer (life to-do)
  15. Update calendar board for June (extra biz to-do)
  16. Put away laundry and wash comforters (extra life to-do)
  17. Pick up for 15 mins (extra life to-do)
  18. Make/prep/mail cards (extra life to-do)
  19. Listen to Run a Better, Faster, Leaner Business by John J Murphy on CreativeLive while working (extra biz to-do)

Let’s see. Anything having to do with my health is always highest priority; the life to-dos that sit at the top of my list are super important health-related tasks. Work comes next, followed by school, and then other life tasks. Sometimes the priority order will change due to deadlines, such as school being more critical than most of my work today.

I usually have a morning walk with Joxer and my hubby on the list, but I needed more sleep today. Sleep is always my unwritten priority #0. I also usually have 10 mins of treadmill on the list, but today I have my massage therapy appointment instead. I’d love to get to a point health-wise where I could do both in the same day. If you’re wondering why making the beds and opening blinds fall under my daily health tasks, it’s because I feel better when I do them.

Well, now it’s almost 1pm. Time to grab some lunch, and see what else I can get done today.

–Amy πŸ™‚



  1. Pamela Banis says:

    The neuropsychologist I visited this week, helped me to realize how different tasks cause fatigue, and how to manage time properly. Today’s task is printing out monthly calendars., and identifying the different types of fatigue.
    Little did I realize that you are ahead of the game!

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