Journal: Fatigue, Writing, and Surgery

The last few weeks feel like they’ve been nothing but fatigue, playing catch up, doctor appointments, forcing myself to take time off, and more fatigue. I’ve either been too wiped out to write or I’ve had no time to write. Despite my fatigue I’m feeling a strong need to write today.

For whatever reason, I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep and then needing to sleep an extra long time, which just makes getting to sleep on-time even harder. When I do wake up with energy I expend it all trying to get caught up on critical tasks for my health, life, and business (in that order). As much as writing here helps me (and hopefully you too), it is hard to prioritize it over medical appointments, clean underwear, and earning money to pay the bills. I flip-flop between categorizing writing here as a health to-do, which has the highest priority, or a non-income generating business to-do, which is low priority. I’m not really sure where it belongs, because it is both. However, my need to write today puts it solidly in the health category, so it’s priority has been upgraded for now.

I am working to get all my ducks in a row before my surgery next week, but I have not accomplished very much with this fatigue. It’ll be, what it’ll be, but I’m still going to try and reduce the impact on my jewelry business as much as possible.

I want to be able to write each day leading up to and after my surgery. I feel like valuable revelations and experiences could come out of it that would be good to document and share. Still, I know my history and that it is unlikely. I will do my best, but until I am fully recovered updates here will likely be less frequent. Please know that my dedication to has not changed and will not change, it’s just the reason this blog exists in the first place rearing it’s head.

–Amy 🙂

One of us Fibropreneurs is having surgery this week. Although I am leaving her unnamed, please send positive thoughts her way. Know that I am thinking of you, friend. <3


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