Journal: 3/7/14

I woke up this morning, walked Joxer with my hubby, ate a little something, and crawled back into bed because my body was telling me I need more sleep. More than just an upside, it is one of the main reasons I work for myself. If I need to go back to bed, I can. If I’m wiped out and need to take the afternoon off to rest, I can. Being my own boss gives me the flexibility I need to take care of my health. It turns out I read the signals right, because I woke up feeling like I’m catching another cold.

Since it is quick and easy and appropriate, here’s a comic I ran into on Facebook today. The awesomely talented Aleeza of Sushi Shirts XD shared it from Tastebuds FM. The image gives credit to artist Melanie Gillman.

If Other Professions Were Paid Like Artists, comic by Melanie Gillman

Do you feel this way sometimes too? I’d really love to know your thoughts, so please share in the comments below. 😀


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  1. Pamela Banis says:

    As a former hairdresser and currently an artist I’ve had more than my share of: “you’re lucky you don’t have to work!” Or “it must be neat to play all day”. And I do love what I do, but I have responsibilities.
    I hope you aren’t getting a cold, I do know how much that can set one back. I wish you a productive day!

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