Journal: 3/10/14

Today and this week is all about education. I am currently working on finishing my AA with Music Emphasis, and next week is finals. Last December I enrolled in a 1 credit online music theory class, the first in a series, to test if I was ready to return to school. I had postponed my schooling in 2012 due to an unexpected illness, but last December I felt like my health was in a good place and wanted to give it another try. This Friday is my assignments deadline and, honestly, I am behind. As I’ve mentioned, my health hasn’t been very cooperative the last couple months, and, frankly, school has been a lesser priority than my business for most of the quarter. Whether or not I’ll take another class next quarter I’ve decided will depend on how easy it is to finish my classwork. If it’s a big stressfest, then I’m not ready yet. If I’m able to get it done without killing myself, then I can handle a 1 credit class even if I’m sick most of the quarter. Either way, I’m happy to learn more about a subject I’ve wanted to study for a few years.

I also have a couple CreativeLIVE classes lined up for this week. Today and tomorrow I am watching Making Money Making Art with Ann Rea. Later this week I plan on tuning in for Understanding Light with Mark Wallace. I’m really enjoying today’s class and it has already had an impact. The biggest idea so far is that “Life is the story you tell yourself.” I’ll be listening and taking notes all day while I work through my to do list, and then digging into my music theory classwork when it’s over.

–Amy 🙂

Do you make education a priority in your life? Do you prefer to learn on your own with books/blogs/webinars or with others in a traditional class setting?


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