Small Business Bytes: Making Money Making Art

Today’s post is purposely late in order to share with you the best tidbits from the 2 day CreativeLIVE class I completed this afternoon, Making Money Making Art with Ann Rea. As I mentioned in yesterday’s journal, this class has already had an impact and I’m sure it will have an even greater one as I work through the steps in the material in the future. I wrote these down as best as I could remember during the live broadcast, but they may not be exactly word-for-word:

Life is the story you tell yourself.

Life is precious and short.

The only way you can avoid being compared is to be authentically yourself.

It’s not about you, it’s about them [your customers]. Make it about them and it’ll be about you.

Emotion is what sells. It’s what connects us with other humans. It’s what resonates with us.

A confused [customer] mind says “no.”

Selling is having a guided conversation.

Sometimes when it’s not a good fit, you can still get a referral out of it.

It’s about looking for connections that are natural and authentic.

Don’t try to meet everybody [at a networking event]. Just try to meet one person.

People don’t remember what you said, they remember what you made them feel.

A website is a store without a shopping cart.

There’s much more to the class, including a Making Money Plan, a Fan Plan, 5 Elements of a Press Release, and more. There is a strong focus on customer referrals, custom commissioned work, and affluent customers/clients in this approach, but the majority of the material is applicable to any creative business. All-in-all it was an enjoyable class with good information. I highly suggest checking it out.

–Amy 🙂

I tried picking quotes that would make sense out of context, but I may not be the best judge since the context is already in my brain. If any of these aren’t clear and you’d like clarification, let me know in the comments and I’ll gladly do my best to explain. 🙂



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