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Today I had planned to write about Emerald City Comicon and the new tricks I learned, but something more important has come to my attention.

While I was showering today it occurred to me that you might be reading this site, wanting to share your story, but hesitating because your comment is publicly visible. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable sharing your thoughts with the world. Chronic illness and how it affects our lives as entrepreneurs is a very personal, sometimes private thing. I understand. Until I wrote this post about my most private feelings, I had only told my husband how I felt and there were parts I hadn’t even told him.

Or maybe you’re scared to click the “post comment” button. Sharing your story takes courage. This is especially true if you’ve never shared it before. I understand. I feel fear every time I go to click publish.

Or maybe you’re intimidated because myself and/or others you know seem to know so much (or have our act together or have lots of experience or etc.) and you don’t feel like you do. It’s an illusion because everyone is working to figure this stuff out the best they can and learning what works for them at their own pace. I understand. I’ve either been where your are or somewhere similar or I will be in the future. We are all experts and newbies at the same time.

I would like to make just one request:

The next time you have something to say, but don’t want to a post a comment for one of the above reasons, please send me an email instead.

When I say at the end of a post that I would love to hear your story, I genuinely mean it. I really do want to connect with you. Dealing with these lives we live is hard enough, doing it alone is even harder. What you have to say is valuable. It can help others and it can help me. So, please connect with me. Especially, if there is no one else in your life to share your experiences with. I know how much it helps to share your story with others, and I want you to have that benefit too.

–Amy 🙂


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