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As you know I am a big believer in us Fibropreneurs supporting each other and helping other small businesses grow. What better way to do this than through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, Indigogo, etc.? One of my good friends and a fellow entrepreneur has just 5 days and less then $2,000 left to go for her Kickstarter, Friday Afternoon Tea is Leveling Up!

Friday’s super yummy teas are loaded with goodness for us. Just type “health benefits of tea” into your favorite search engine and you will get millions of results, thousands within the last day. According to an article on Dr. Oz, certain teas may help to reduce anxiety and inflammation, boost metabolism and energy levels, relieve allergy symptoms and constipation, protect against colon cancer and diabetes, improve sleep and more. All of which most of us could certainly benefit from! Friday Afternoon Tea even has their own line of medicinal teas and herbal tisanes.

Friday’s approach to blending is very unique, as she writes in Synesthesia And Blending As Sensory Art on her blog. She describes her synesthesia as “my senses are cross-wired and abstract concepts, personalities, colors, weather, etc. all translate to me as flavor.” She is also a self-proclaimed geek who loves math and anything sci-fi. Friday has taken her unique experience of the world and translated that into a variety of geeky tea blends that allow us to share in how she perceives our favorite characters. Through Friday Afternoon Tea we can taste Captain Mal or Sonic the Hedgehog or what it’s like to be in House Gryffindor.

The purpose of the Friday Afternoon Tea Kickstarter is “a re-branding expansion campaign to update our image and expand our presence in the geek community!” The funds will be applied to a variety of projects in order to “allow us to really take our brand to the next level and make our operation the shiny, efficient, accessible creature it needs to be in order to be viable for long-term success.”

With the way Kickstarter works, Friday Afternoon Tea will only receive the pledged funds if the project reaches its goal of raising $13,000. With less than 5 days and about $1,700 to go as of this posting, every dollar makes a difference! In backing this Kickstarter, you are supporting a fellow entrepreneur and supporting your own health. It’s a win-win! 🙂


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